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10pm - 12pm: The Jazz Hotel (replay) w/ Hugh Starks

Title: jazzhotel
Hugh Starks
The Jazz Hotel

Title: The Beginning Of The End Of Us
Artist: Jay-Jay Johanson
Album: Cockroach (2013)

Title: Over Again
Artist: Stranger & Gladdy
Album: Island Presents: Rock Steady (2013)

Title: Bruce Lee
Artist: All Them Witches
Album: Sleeping Through The War (2017)

Title: Funky Gran Paw
Artist: Incomparable Seven
Title: Rattle Them Bones
Artist: Pine Hill Haints
Album: The Magik Sounds Of The Pine Hill Haints (2014)

Title: Lonely Afternoon
Artist: Bob Mould
Album: Workbook 25 (2014)

Title: Bones
Artist: Willie Tea Taylor
Album: 4 Strings (2011)

Title: Everybody Knows You're Not In Love (Bonus)
Artist: The Electric Prunes
Album: Underground (1967)

Title: Changer Dair
Artist: Alexandre Desilets
Album: Now Hear This! - The Independent Music Awards 11th Annual Wi (2012)