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8am - 10am: Folk Pop

Title: Lovin’ You
Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line
Wake (2015)

Title: Ay Mama
Artist: Devendra Banhart
Album: Nino Rojo (2004)

Title: Twister
Artist: Alvarius B
Album: What One Man Can Do With An Acoustic Guitar, Surely Another Can Do With His Hands Around The Neck Of God (2014)

Title: Tenderhearted
Artist: Sara Watkins
Album: Young In All The Wrong Ways (2016)

Title: BisbeeGoodCakes
Title: Far From Any Road (Be My Hand)
Artist: Andrew Bird
Album: Things Are Really Great Here, Sort Of... (2014)

Title: Same For Someone
Artist: Mark Erelli
Album: Little Vigils (2010)

Title: Stumpjumper
Artist: Charlie Parr
Album: Stumpjumper (2015)

Title: Crossfire
Artist: Kate Maki
Album: Two Song Wedding (2010)

Title: Wriggle & Writhe
Artist: Tim Edey & Brendan Power
Album: BBC Folk Awards 2012 (2012)