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I Hope Time Doesn't Change Him
Album: Encyclopedia

Title: I Hope Time Doesn't Change Him
Encyclopedia (2014)

Title: Winter Song
Artist: Imani Uzuri
Album: The Gypsy Diaries (2012)

Title: Batwing
Artist: Terminals
Album: Flying Nun 25th Anniversary Boxset (Disc 2)

Title: Out of Breath
Artist: Ronnie Whitehead
Album: Eccentric Soul Vol. 5: Mighty Mike Lenaburg

Title: Got No Strings
Artist: Michelle Shocked
Album: Got No Strings (2005)

Title: Last Song Save One
Artist: Boduf Songs
Album: Stench Of Exist (2014)

Title: Real Love Song
Artist: Amy Speace
Album: Land Like A Bird (2011)

Title: Panterra
Artist: Lori
Album: Underwriter

Title: How Could I Be Such a Fool?
Artist: Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention
Album: L.A. Gemstones: The Pop Box (DISC 2)

Title: NanĂ£ (Sunlightsquare Remix)
Artist: Sonzeira
Album: Gilles Peterson Presents: Brasil Bam Bam Bass (2015)