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3:00pm - 4:00pm: Woman Soul

Title: The 400
The North (2012)

Title: Don't Leave Just Now
Artist: Wussy
Album: Funeral Dress Ii (2011)

Title: 4 Alison Williams
Title: CQCH 1-Peter
Title: Madeline & Tom Station ID
Title: Cathedral
Artist: Crosby Stills & Nash
Album: Carry On 1

Title: Hillside View 6
Artist: Ancient Future
Album: Narada Decade 1

Title: Tell Me Mama (B)
Artist: John Hammond
Album: Timeless (2014)

Title: Spring Collection
Artist: Vapors
Album: New Clear Days (1980)

Title: Deep Lakes
Artist: Eleventh Dream Day

Album: Works For Tomorrow (2015)