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Strange Lady (Acoustic)
Dominique Fricot
Album: If Baby Could Walk

Title: Strange Lady (Acoustic)
Dominique Fricot
If Baby Could Walk (2012)

Title: That One
Artist: Rick Springfield
Album: Rocket Science (2016)

Title: Kermit the Frog2
Title: marcouxcornerid
Title: Curt
Title: comfortandjoy
Artist: Joy
Album: Comfort & Joy

Title: Don't Feel Sorry For Me
Artist: Jimmy Ruffin
Album: Complete Motown Singles - Vol 1 - Cd3 (2005)

Title: The Train That Carried My Girl From Town
Artist: Dubl Handi
Album: Morning In A New Machine (2015)

Title: Bisbee Beverage-Lori
Title: BZB middle school rocks ID