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8am - 10am: Hippie Gumbo w/ Dave (rebroadcast)

Title: Blackleg Miner
Richard Thompson
1000 Years Of Popular Music (2003)

Title: echoid
Title: Who Are You
Artist: Anthony's Garden
Album: How To Grow A Plant (2011)

Title: Marie Minor Station Id
Title: Hippy Gumbo
Artist: Dave
Album: Hippy Gumbo

Title: Intro
Artist: Horse Thief
Album: Fear In Bliss (2014)

Title: loganphillipsid
Title: Democracy Now
Artist: Democracy Now
Album: Democracy Now (2009)

Title: Blue
Artist: Miles Davis
Album: Aura

Title: 02:57
Artist: 1982 + Bj Cole
Album: 1982 + Bj Cole (2012)